LEO<3 Our dream baby! Our last baby. And man, is he ever a dream.

I want to share with you the products we have been loving and couldn’t live without!

ROCKWELL BASSINET by Monte Design in Dune
Not only is this bassinet absolutely gorgeous, it is where Leo sleeps every night. It is in our bedroom for a few reasons…
1. I love having him close, especially while nursing
2. He would have to share a bedroom with Brayden and we’re not ready to move him yet
3. I want him to stay in my room forevaaaaa lol
This one is super spacious, absolutely beautiful and Canadian made!

BABY SWING by Fisher Price
My kids have all loved this swing. I had one for Brayden and Ava (funny story, Brayden would only nap in his swing until he was 12 months old LOL). He loves swinging away and it lets me put him down for a few minutes to tend to the big kids! He also has fab naps in it!

BABY CHAIR by Charlie & Crane
… really, I love any baby chair. Fisher Price also makes great ones (not as aesthetically pleasing) but a better price and works just as well! I bring the chair throughout the house- in the bathroom if I need to shower, in the kitchen when I am making dinner- this is a non negotiable for me! A baby chair is a MUST!

SWADDLE by Love to Dream
Not sure if it is a fluke but Leo is an amazing sleeper (the first out of 4 so don’t be too jelly lol I haven’t slept in years!!!!). This swaddle helps so much- he still startles himself, so when he is in the swaddle, he sleeps like a dream. Highly highly recommend.

Baby Tub by Angelcare
Love that it isn’t a huge tub that I have to dump out (had that with Brayden, my first). Love that it can fit right into the bath tub, super easy to clean and the kids alll loved! THREE thumbs up!

If you are nursing, this is amazing. I use it to catch my let down and then feed the baby a bottle (haven’t done this in weeks so I am probably screwed in the bottle department again lol I’m 0/4) but it is definitely great to have!

It is funny, typically the Snuggle Me Organic would be on my list but I have rarely used it with Leo. He is a BIG baby and just doesn’t fit in it anymore lol I used mine with Lily until she was almost 9 months.

Every baby is different so what one child loves, the other might not! These are our fave products that I have used for all 4 kids and would highly recommend.

Hope this helps!

xoxo, Chelsea