I have always loved packing mine and my baby’s hospital bag and here we are again! Here is a list of everything I have packed in our bags. 


hospital bag; I purchased this one, super cute and spacious
a robe; PinkBlush has really pretty ones, it is definitely easy and comfortable to wear while in the hospital
PJs; I usually bring a button up/down nightgown of some sort- easy access, comfortable and not restricting on your tummy (especially if you have a c-section)
Slippers or flip flops (I usually toss them after my stay so don’t splurge- hospital floors kinda gross me out lol)
– Depends!!! I used these for the first time with Lily and wish I had used postpartum for all three. Much easier/more comfortable then undies and a maxi pad
– The hospital typically gives you a peri bottle (this is used to squirt yourself down there after giving birth, if you deliver vaginally. It helps keep the area clean and if you have any stitches, helps with the burn). I have also grabbed the Frida peri bottle but don’t think I am going to bring to the hospital- I’ll save that for home. There is also this entire Frida Postpartum kit!
– Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste), hair brush, deodorant, small container of body wash, face cream, body lotion (don’t think I have used half of these but always good to have)
– Make up bag- don’t think I have ever used but made me feel better to keep on hand in case
Long phone charger (bought this one off of Amazon)- reaches from the plug to the hospital bag: GAMECHANGER
– Nipple cream- the first few days with baby on your boob will kill your nipples (even with a great latch)
– Breast pads (for leaky boobs)
– Camera (if you’re bringing) but I have always used my phone to capture any pics
– Throw in a few snacks; no idea what the hospitals policies are on food but I have heard its best to pack snacks

– 1 pack of newborn diapers
– 1 pack of baby wipes
– Diaper cream/vaseline (crucial for their bums for the first few poo’s- they are super sticky!)
– PJs (I usually pack 3-4)- just in case they poo or pee on them
– Undershirts (3-4)
– Mittens; their nails are sooo sharp lol
– Little hats (to keep them extra warm)
– Swaddle blankets (2-3; the hospital usually provides as well)
– Warm/cozy blanket
– BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT outfit/items (if you plan on taking a picture at the hospital to announce baby’s arrival)
– Going home outfit (or keep them in PJs lol)
– If you’re having a winter baby, these car seat covers are great and provide extra warmth
– Soother; good to have just in case (open from package and sterilize)

Let me know if I am missing any of your faves! Hope this helps!


With love, Chelss