Speech Therapy- Part 2

I wanted to share an update on our speech journey for you and share with you the resources we are currently using for Brayden!

If you want to hear about how our journey first started, then you can read this blog post first- it will tell you when and why we signed Brayden up for ErinOaks speech therapy when he was three!

Prior to Brayden starting JK, he was with ErinOaks kids once a month for a handful of sessions. He would then get re-assessed and they would sign him up again. Loved the service but it was rather long between sessions and assessments. He was released from the service as he was starting JK and the expectation would have been that he would see an SLP (if needed) through the school. The pandemic hit and it was nearly impossible to get an appointment with the school SLP.

Bray has zero issues communicating with us; the struggle for him is when he says certain letters (t’s and c’s/k’s)- this is a phonological/fronting issue and is something that needs to be worked on and practiced as it has to do with tongue placement! I came to my IG for referrals and I am so happy I did (I wish I would have done this sooner)!

We signed Brayden up with Speech Therapy Works who then connected us with an SLP, who is absolutely amazing! We work with her every week for 45 mins and then she provides homework for us to work on. I try and practice with Brayden for max 10 mins a day, just to help with his tongue placement and sound. He is super aware and I catch him practicing on his own. After 3 sessions, he has nailed his L sounds, which is AMAZING! Especially for him to see that his hardworking is paying off.

The sessions are covered by insurance which is amazing otherwise we would have to pay out of pocket as it is considered a private session (the cost is $115/week). We are virtual right now and that works perfect for us- it also helps that Brayden has been in virtual JK all year so he is very comfortable and familiar with sitting in front of the computer and listening to his teacher!

Highly recommend any form of speech therapy for any parents who need to assist their kiddies- it has helped us!

Hope this helps!

With love, Chelsea xoxox