CHARLESTON in less then 24 hours!

When planning our Florida road trip, I knew Charleston was one stop we were going to make! Unfortunately for us Torontonians, it’s a 16 hour drive which made it rather hard to make the drive in one stop. So we opted on heading there on our way home, which was the best idea because…

1. It was only* a 10 hour drive from Florida

2. We were tanned


The Mills House

Absolutely OBSESSED! The pink exterior, the beautiful courtyard in the centre of the hotel and the vintage feel was perfect.


Rainbow Row was an 8 minute walk from our hotel. And it did not disappoint. We explored the streets after visiting the rainbow coloured homes and that was my favourite part! The flame lit lanterns, beautifully manicured homes and ALL of the house inspiration in one little area.


From Rainbow Row, we walked straight to King St. The boutique shopping was so fun and the big box stores had a small town feel, so they were fun to shop too! Grab yourself a Starbies and walk up and down King, you won’t be disappointed!


We really only had one meal in Charleston because we arrived to our hotel at 2:30pm. So after exploring for almost two hours, we stopped in at The Basic Kitchen and WOW, it was delicious (and super cute)! You definitely want to hit them up- I am still dreaming about their cauliflower wings!


Never do Charleston in less then 24 hours hahaha. It was a dream and if we weren’t so pooped after our 10 hour drive there (and almost 16hr drive home) then we definitely would have stayed an extra day or two. And weather wise, it was a sunny 12 degrees. So when the sun was hidden behind the buildings it was chilly! I can only imagine how dreamy Charleston is in the spring!

I will be back Charleston!

With love,

Chelsea XO