Happy Birthday, My Sweet Baby

one whole year of loving baby Lily.

Lily Rose, you are ONE. It has been a strange year, to say the least. But you were the best addition to our family and the greatest October blessing.

We all love you so much. Ava calls you “Yiyi” and she just loves to kiss you and cuddle you. Brayden has always been the best big brother- he protects you, watches to make sure you are always safe and his hugs & kisses and warm embrace light up your world. Your daddy is a sucker for you. I have a feeling he always will be. You light up the minute you see him and he is the same with you.

And as for me, I dreamed of what you would look like for almost 10 months and the minute I saw your perfect little face, I melted. I never knew how much my heart needed you. You are the perfect piece in our family puzzle and I just love you so so much. You are such a smart & eager baby. You constantly try to keep up with Brayden and Ava and I love you for that.

Here are a few photo’s that celebrate YOU, my sweet baby.

Love watching you grow, my sweet girl.

Love you always,

Mommy <3