Newborn Baby Must-haves


Here is everything you need for your newborn baby! Everything I have listed here was essential for me to have ready for baby’s arrival.


Sound machine that plays continuously for nursery
You want something that plays all night, this will come in handy for years!

Sleep sheep (for on the go)
Perfect for when you are going out- throw a cover on your baby, turn on the sound machine and pray that they stay asleep LOL

Snuggle Me Organic
This saved me with my third- especially if I brought her into bed, I felt safer knowing that she was elevated and I couldn’t squish her. I also had one at my parents’ house and that helped when laying her down on the bed, etc. Wish I had for all 3!

My babies have all slept in a bassinet in my room until at least 5 months- mainly because breastfeeding in bed was much easier for me then getting up and sitting in a rocking chair! Plus, I like having them close to me!

Sleepers with the built in mittens (and undershirts if you have fall/winter babies like me) + little hats

Knotted baby gown (makes changing baby a breeze)!

Muslin swaddles- breathable and easy to swaddle baby
Baby girl fave
Baby boy fave

Baby monitor
I have always preferred one that isn’t connected to WiFi.

An outfit to bring baby home/birth announcement. I have saved some of my faves here!



Breast pump
Good to keep on hand, whether or not you choose to breastfeed. Your milk will come in regardless- I never sanitized mine before baby just incase I didn’t end up using or couldn’t breastfeed… but then I waited until I was engorged and dying and that wasn’t fun either!

Haaka- you put this on the opposite boob your baby is feeding from/pumping from and it will catch the let down milk (freaking GAME CHANGER)!

Baby bottles- Como tomo

Soothers- always good to have on hand!

Nipple pads– you will leak through everything lol especially once your milk comes in. 


Diaper caddy- fill this with your essentials (diaper, wipes, extra PJs, Vaseline) so that you can either leave in your living room or bring with you from room to room!

A baby swing– FP swing is the best, my babies all LOVED it!

Baby sling or wrap
Wearing your baby is amazing- gives you both sets of hands back, especially if you have another child! There are a ton of Youtube videos on how to properly use, watch them! I was always too afraid with my first born and I regret it.


Baby bath
I loved that I can put this right in the bath tub!

Electric nail filer… because cutting a babies’ nails is terrifying lol

Soap for bath time- we used both Johnson Baby and Aveeno Eczema care

Diapers- Pampers NB and sensitive wipes & vaseline to coat their bum


Car seat/stroller

Car seat mirror
You will want to see baby when you’re driving!

Car seat cover/nursing cover
Best invention ever. Use it as a nursing cover when you’re out or a car seat cover when baby is napping and you want to run errands!

Warm car seat cover for winter babies
Since you can’t put babies in winter jackets, these car seat covers helped to keep them warm in the winter!

Hope this helps prepare you for baby! Let me know if you have any questions XOXOX