This post was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Inc. but the opinions are my own!

Since Brayden was born, bath time has always been one of our favourite ways to unwind from our day and get ready for bed.

We have a pretty solid bedtime routine in our home and it always starts with a bubble bath! Thankfully, JOHNSON’S® Canada has created the perfect 3 step routine of a warm bath, relaxing massage followed by quiet time to help our kiddies get relaxed before heading off to sleep. JOHNSON’S® listened to parents from around the world and reformulated most of their products, inside and out. Which makes me so happy that I can use products on my kids that my parents used on me!

Brayden & Ava love bubble baths (they take after their mama) & Brayden is responsible for squirting in the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Bubble Bath while Ava throws in the bath toys! They splash around until it’s time to wash up with the JOHNSON’S® Calming Shampoo – which is made with their NO MORE TEARS® formula to ensure a NO tears bath time experience! Both kids play around some more… and then out they go.

Pajamas are usually laid out in Brayden’s room already so we dry the kids off and lather them in the JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Lotion and we massage the day away! The NATURALCALM® aromas help to soothe and relax the kids before bed!

They each get to choose one book to read and then lights out for my two munchkins… all before 7:30pm!

A nighttime routine is so important to us and our kiddies… as they know it means bedtime is approaching! The JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® bath products are a part of our bath & bed routine & we wouldn’t have it any other way!

What are your favourite ways to help unwind your kiddies after a busy day? Do they love bath time as much as my kids?

Can’t wait to hear!

XO, Chelsea