Pampers Swaddlers: Best for Newborns?

Bringing a baby into this world is both magical and overwhelming. As a parent,
you want to ensure you have the best products for your little babe, right from
the start! We want to make sure we are doing what we can to keep them safe
and healthy as they grow.

As a mom of four little ones under the age of 6, I have tried many products-
ones which I love and one’s that I don’t. As you prepare for the arrival of your
babe (whether it be your first or fourth), there are a few products that you
NEED. Diapers (& wipes) are high on the priority list LOL

Before my first son was born, I had asked a few girlfriends and family
members what their favourite diaper brand was (before I had started
purchasing any) and by a landslide, they had all said Pampers. So for me, it
was a no brainer that I purchased those first.

6 years of changing diapers later and I can confidently say, we LOVE love
Pampers Swaddlers and it is the diaper brand I will recommend to every
parent! The new & improved Pampers Swaddlers are Pampers softest, most
absorbent diapers ever! You won’t have to worry about 3AM diaper leaks
and it offers the best leakage protection that work well for both newborns and
active babies. Since Pampers is Canada’s Most Trusted Diaper Brand*, I felt
confident in what I was putting on my babies’ body, right from birth.

With two kids in diapers (Leo, 1 month and Lily, 2 years), I love Swaddlers diapers because they are the softest with ultra-soft absorbent layers that help soothe and protect your Child’s delicate skin. These diapers keep babies skin drier and healthier with LockAway Channels that lock wetness away from skin.

Need I say more? Make sure you visit your local retailer to grab your Pampers Swaddlers diaper pack! And if you are a new parent, you can sign up for the Pampers sample kit to receive Newborn diapers and wipes. Just click the link here!

With love, Chelsea

*This post is in sponsorship with Pampers Canada. The product was gifted,
however opinions and thoughts are my own*

* Based on the 2021 BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study