SURPRISE! Ah! You see, I have always wanted three kids. I am the eldest of three siblings so for me, that was my natural instinct for my little family. But holy crap, does it ever sound scary now!

I am so so excited to be entering my second trimester because I am starting to feel a l i v e again…you literally forget how hard the first trimester can be. Not to mention, it is extremely difficult feeling so sick and so sleepy all while taking care of two little babes, running a side business and preparing to go back to work full-time! But with every hard obstacle is the reminder of the beautiful, little life growing inside of you. And that was all I needed to push through!

SURPRISE! How we found out about sweet baby #3

We had an amazing 2 week family vacation in Florida- weather was perfect, kids were great and we had an amazing time! Our last night in Florida, we went out for dinner and half-way through my meal, I felt super sick. Steve and I had to leave the restaurant & head back to the hotel and I was sure I had caught something/food poisoning! Sure enough, we were to wake up at 5AM the next morning to get ready for the airport/flight and of course, I woke up and felt like I was going to die. I was nauseous, felt faint and honestly had no idea how I was going to get myself & my family through the airport, onto the plane and home. After a horrible few hours, I finally felt slightly better after eating breaky at the airport. My parents + hubby joked about me being pregnant but I was pretty certain I caught something in Florida and was dying (lol a littttttle dramatic but true)!

We landed (hallelujah) in the afternoon and I had told Steve that I would take a pregnancy test the following morning to be safe, before taking any medication for my “illness”. Ran upstairs as soon as I was home to hop in the shower and remembered I had a pregnancy test laying around. Curiosity killed the cat… and BAM. Positive. LOL! I literally ran down the stairs, butt naked, screaming as Steve and the kids stared at me in fear and we all died a little lol It was a mix of excitement, shock, fear, disbelief… a whole whirlwind. But what a beautiful surprise!

Good ol’ first trimester

The last 2 months have been hard… I’ve battled morning sickness, all-day nausea, extreme sleepiness, crazy mood swings and I haven’t felt like myself. I felt intense mom guilt for feeling so crappy and not being 100% for my kids… especially as we spend the last few months before I head back to work. But I am so thankful for my hubby who was there to pick up the falling pieces, my family who has helped with the kiddies + dinners + life… phew, it takes a village!

Boy or girl

For the first few weeks, I could have sworn I was having a boy. And then the sickness/nausea kicked itself up 10 notches (which was similar with Ava)… and while dry-heaving over the toilet with two little kids in tow (TMI?)… I changed my mind and thought girl. And now… my heart is set on a baby boy. Brayden is surrounded by sooooo many girl cousins & he is the only boy on my husbands side. He needs a bestie to wrestle & play ball with! We will be finding out the gender of this sweet little babe in the next few weeks and we can hardly wait!

Can’t wait to bring you along for baby #3! Thank you, as always, for following along on our little journey & for always sharing so much love & light!



Just a little snippet of the last few months….