The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift – The Always Pan by Our Place

I have to be one of the world’s messiest cooks (just ask my husband). I always end up with a sink full of pots/pans and dishes and it makes the clean up after meals horrendous.

I have never been more excited to receive the Our Place Pan ‘Always Pan’ and I was lucky enough to snag the brand new Terracotta colour! And I couldn’t wait to put it to good use. Not only does the Always Pan make my cooking much more seamless and my clean-up much quicker- it is essentially an 8-in-1! From skillet to non-stick pan to saucier to fry pan to spatula rest to colander to steamer, it is your go-to! And the exclusive coating was specifically formulated without any Teflon, PFAS, PFOAS, PTFES, lead, cadmium, toxic metals or other potentially harmful materials. Ex: “I’m gifting this to my mom and she’s going to love that it’s super multifunctional AND lightweight!

The best part is, The Always Pan will be ON SALE (from April 20th to May 4th) you can save $30! If you’re interested in purchasing their other products, you can make a separate order and save 10% with my code CHELSEA10 to save! I’m obsessed with their drinking glasses and super chic plate set! Our Place is a one stop shop for all your Mother’s Day shopping!

I made my infamous tuna pasta salad- a meal both my kids and hubby LOVE! And it is so seamless especially since I could steam my broccoli and boil my pasta in the same pot!


Cut up broccoli and steam on steamer (put one cup of water in)

Once broccoli is steamed, set aside and drain the excess water

With the steamer inside, fill up your pot so that it covers the steamer and bring to a boil

Put in your pasta of choice and boil

Remove steamer and drain water

Throw both the broccoli and pasta in the pot and let cool (either on the counter or throw it in the fridge).

Add in tuna (1-2 cans), mayo, salt and pepper and a splash of vinegar.

ET VOILA! This makes for an easy lunch or a perfect side for your BBQ dinner!

Clean up and care is SO easy. The Always pan comes with a handy spatula that fits perfect on the pan, no need to use metal (it can scratch the coating)! Always make sure your pan has cooled off before submerging into water and then all you have to do is grab some soapy water and a gentle sponge (it comes with!) and wash away ( no need to throw it in the dishwasher, you want this bad boy to last you a long time)!

Click here to shop the Always Pan directly– I also snagged the beautiful Spice plates and bowls and the Sunset glasses, the perfect setting. I will have everything linked here for you here!

I know you will love as much as I do, shoot me a note if you have any questions! Better yet, share your fave recipes with me, I am SO excited for the one pan meals I can now create.



With love,